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Demand is high for places in our sections of Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

Here’s a link to add your details to our joining list, we send out updates 3 times a year to people on the list on how it’s looking.
1st Pannal Online Scout Manager Joining Request

If you’re interested in talking about joining as a volunteer have a look at our information here: and drop us a line!

Q – When I’m on the waiting list, how long will it be until I get a space?
A – It depends on what places become available as people move through the group. We don’t operate a taxi rank waiting list. When we have a vacancy we look to see who is the right age and fit to join. To make Scouts work throughout the 5 sections we need a range of ages, and need to ensure that the child starts sufficiently close to the starting age range of the section to be able to achieve the chief scout award.

If we find more volunteers, we may be able to create more spaces in the group, maybe even open an extra section!

The 1st Pannal Leadership team